Solar Power System

50W Solar Power Sysrem
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Model   No. SMP-300-50W SMP-300-80W SMP-500-100W
Poly Solar   Panels
The Maximum Power Of Solar   Panels (W) 50W*1pc 80W*1pc 100W*1pc
The Maximum   Power Current Of Solar Panels (A) 2.09A 4.57A 5.71A
The Open   Circuit voltage of Solar Panels (V) 21V 21V 21V
The Maxium   Power Voltage Of Solar Panels (V) 18V 18V 18V
Maintenance   Free Lead-Acid Battery  12V/24AH*1PC 12V/33AH*1PC 12V/38AH*1PC
Rated Voltage 12V
Solar Charge Controller
Discharge   Current 10A
Charge And   Recover Voltage 13.8V/Lead-Acid
The   Battery'sOvervoltage Protection And Recover 14.4V/13.6V
The Set Range   Of Voltage When low voltage Off 10.8V-11.6V
The Set Range   Of Voltage When low voltage On 12.2V-13.2V
rated output   power 300W 300W 500W
rated output   voltage 220V±10%,50±2Hz
Output   waveform Pure Sine   Wave
Rated Input   Voltage 12V
Undervoltage   alarm 10.5±0.5V
Low Voltage   Off ≤10.0V
Overvoltage   Off ≥14.2V
Efficicency ≥90%
AC220V Socket 220V/1A*2PCS
DC12V 12V/5A* 8PCS
USB 5.5V/8.4V*2PCS
Solar panel   wire 10M*1PC
LED   Illuminating Lamp 1.5W*2PCS
USB Charger 1PC
Lamp Wire 5M*2PCS
Utility Power   Charge wire Optiona
Dimension and Weight
Dimension Portable box: L410*W310*H398
Weight 20KGS 25.5KGS 27.5KGS

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