Solar Power System

SAKO Integrated Hybrid Solar System SKN-ST 3KWH
Main Features:
Racked design for easliy expansion.

Inverter charge control system available from 1kw to 6kw, and batteries in each battery cabinet.

MPPT solar charge controller built inside, 15%-20% higher than PWM charge controller, use solar utmost.

All-in-one system, inverter/AC charge/Solar charge/battery built inside, just solar panel outside, easy for installaton.

Auoto charge and intelligent battery management.

All around protection functions, Overload/short circuit protection/high voltage/low battery voltage/high temerature,etc.

Where to Buy?

SAKO Newest Hybrid Solar System for Home Use
Integrated Solar Inverter, MPPT Solar Charge Controller and Solar Battery Together
Most Safety Solar Power System
Easy Installation
Work for All Home Appliance

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